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How to repair the rubber mold?

Mould appearance wear repair
Mould appearance wear repair, processing defects through what way to repair?Let me give you a brief introduction.

Rubber mold manufacturers repair machine is a high - tech equipment to correct mold surface wear, processing defects.The principle of rubber mold manufacturer's repair machine is to use high frequency edm discharge principle, the workpiece for non-thermal surfacing welding, to repair the appearance of the metal mold defects and wear, the primary feature is that the heat affected area is small, the mold after correction will not be deformed, no annealing, no stress, no crack, to ensure the integrity of the mold;Also can use its strengthening function to the mold workpiece surface strengthening disposal, complete the mold wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Rubber mold manufacturers repair machine reinforced mold long life, good economic benefits.Can use all kinds of iron base alloy (carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron), nickel base alloy and other metal data mold and workpiece appearance strengthening and modification and greatly improve the service life.

In fact, the failure of the rubber mold manufacturer is due to wear and tear of part of the surface material and other reasons, and the mold processing cycle is very long, the processing cost is very high.Therefore, to the mold to accept the wear effect of the specific parts of the appearance of the reinforcement, in order to greatly extend, improve the service life of the mold, is undoubtedly an important economic meaning of the way.Other, most of the mold because looks very thin layer of material frayed after the void, therefore, only the mold and modification of wear parts is the key metal parts appearance, and in the process of correction looks real practice to accept the die cut of the wear appearance of the coated with a metal layer, high hardness, high wear resistance can be "into", not only make the mold corrected, the revised mould service life will be compared with the original mould substantial progress, economic benefit is infinite.

Did you remember that?It is simple and practical to repair the mould surface and machining defects with repair machine.