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What aspects should be paid attention to in the design of rubber mold?

Attention should be paid to the design of rubber mold:
1. Attention should be paid to the design of rubber mold:

(1) collect necessary information, including product drawings, samples, design specifications and reference drawings.
(2) understand whether the production nature of the parts is trial production or batch or mass production, so as to determine the structural nature of the mold.
(3) analyze the shape characteristics of the part, size (the minimum hole margin, aperture, material thickness, maximum shape), accuracy requirements and material performance and other factors to meet the requirements of the stamping process.
(4) determine a reasonable stamping process plan.
(5) determine the mold structure form.



2, the rubber mold is the natural rubber or synthetic rubber into rubber moulds.Also known as rubber mold, rubber press mold, rubber vulcanization mold.A metal model used to press rubber products.Generally, steel is made by mechanical processing according to the requirements of the drawings, and through heat treatment to improve its hardness and wear resistance.Mold cavity and product structure is the same, cavity size must consider the shrinkage of different rubber, on the basis of product size to enlarge or shrink, to get the appropriate product size.

3, the rubber mold according to the mold structure and product production process is divided into: press molding mold, die casting molding mold, injection molding mold, extrusion molding mold four commonly used mold, and some production of special rubber products of special rubber mold, such as inflatable mold, dip mold.